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What Papalino Ltd provides is authentic Calabrian ingredients that have been cultivated & perfected as part of the rich tradition of Calabrian cuisine.

By bringing these ingredients to the UK, we are looking for companies who share this passion & commitment for authenticity.

If you share these beliefs, then we promise to provide you the best affordable service.

  • We are based in Ladbroke Grove, a perfect location to service the needs of our London-based clients.

  • We provide next day delivery for the whole of London, and if required we can do same day delivery.

  • We will always provide the requisite technical information (analysis, nutrition, allergen, labelling requirements, etc.) required by your company & customers.    

Below are our partners who we currently supply to:


Mortimer House | MozzaSando | IT Restaurant | Little Sardegna

Street Food:

Gorilla Kitchen | Honest Crust | Pizzasi

E-commerce: | Souschef | Spice Mountain | NifeIsLife


Natoora | YesChef | Nife is Life

If you would like to talk some more about working together then we think a phone call is best - 07711482038. You can also use the contact us page for more information and a full product price list.

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