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Organic Liquorice

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Organic Liquorice from Calabria

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Liquorice and Calabria have a long history, which is still being written around the world to this day.


Considered the best in the world, this truly unique flavour is used by our clients as a flavouring for meat & fish rubs. When heat is applied the flavour of Liquorice comes alive, hence its popularity in sauces, syrups, as well as Liquorice tea.

In our powdered form, the liquorice can be added directly to the recipe. If you want to bring something unique & different to your kitchen, some quick research will bring up mouth-watering recipes from the world’s best chefs. A great addition to many meat & fish dishes, how does sticky liquorice carrots sound? And the sweet possibilities are pretty exciting too.

We recommend doing some reading first, as such a strong, distinctive flavour, it can clash with some other flavours.

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