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Wild Fennel Pollen

Wild Fennel Pollen from Calabria
  • What is Fennel Pollen

  • Where can I buy Fennel Pollen in Europe

What is Fennel Pollen
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Where can I buy
  • Can Fennel Pollen be used as a Fennel Seed substitute/alternative

What is Fennel Pollen

Fennel Pollen, sometimes called Fennel Flower, is a spice from Calabria, Italy.

Fennel Pollen has become a favourite of chefs and food enthusiasts in recent years. Famed for its wonderful aroma and intense flavour, sprinkling a small amount will enrich the flavour of meat & fish dishes, vegetables, sauces, soups, salads, to name a few.  

In the same way that seasoning a dish with salt & pepper heightens the overall taste, Fennel Pollen's affect is sweeter, warmer, with notes of liquorice, anise, honey, citrus.

But the real magic of Fennel Pollen is its high umami properties. This means that it blends & enriches the ingredients you mix it with.    

Where can I buy fennel Pollen in Europe

We specialise in authentic Calabrian wild fennel Pollen. You can buy our Fennel Pollen online on To buy trade or wholesale, click on the price list button.

Can Fennel Pollen be used as a Fennel Seed substitute/alternative

Yes, in the sense that both have a liquorice-like taste. But it does depend on the recipe.  The texture is very different. In terms of just flavour, it will work in a lot of cases. Just bear in mind that the pollen is far more potent than the fennel seeds. I would recommend adding the pollen at the end to maintain as much of the flavour as possible. It will absorb into the recipe quickly. Start with a pinch, give it a minute and taste and then go from there

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