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'Nduja from Spilinga

Original Nduja from Spilinga_edited_edit
'Nduja from Spilinga, Calabria

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'Nduja is a Calabrian speciality.


We travelled to Spilinga, a region in Calabria considered the home of 'Nduja, to find the best quality. What we learnt is that the quality comes from the spices & peppers used to flavour the meat.


Provenance is important in Spilinga. They strongly believe that all the ingredients should originate from the same region. This devotion to their culture and landscape is what convinced us this was the right ‘Nduja for us.

If you are not familiar with Nduja, then I would suggest trying it if you like a bit of spice in your diet.  Add a small quantity (to begin with) to any tomato based sauce and your taste buds will thank you.

The perfect ingredient for adding a little spice-kick to sandwiches, a very popular pizza topping and just so tasty with cheese and bread.

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